Sunday, October 16, 2005

Canada's 1911 Census On-Line

Canada's 1911 census pages are on-line to view for free in the databases of the Canadian Genealogy Centre on Library & Archives Canada's website.

These census images are searchable by geographic location only.

The database has a good help section with maps, useful listings of locations by district and a section on 'Interpreting the Records', however, there are several other aids on-line elsewhere & several indexing projects already underway.

Please take some time to choose an indexing project and to volunteer a few hours to index at least a few pages. These surname projects aren't ideal, but they will help many, many people to find their family members in the 1911 census pages.


The 1911 Census:

1911 Canadian Census on-line:

Interpreting the Records (1911 Canadian Census):

Indexing Projects:

Automated Genealogy's 1911 Canadian Census Indexing Project:

Ontario GenWeb's official 1911 census project:

All Census Records project, some already for Ontario & Manitoba, Canada, 1911:

1911 Census Tools:

Free Blank Forms to use with the 1911 Canadian Census:

Free 1911 Canadian Census Column 18 Code-Breaker (Column 18 contains #s representing occupation class & trade) :

Free 1911 Canadian Census Toronto Street Finder:


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